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Here are some of our friends and colleagues (this page will be forever in development!):

Info, Associations and Tuition

  • British Bluegrass Music Association (BBMA): check 'em out and join 'em. They're doing great things for bluegrass in these shores.
  • UK Bluegrass: the best site for information on what's on in the British bluegrass scene.
  • Sore Fingers Summer Schools: actually not in summer at all: there's a big course at Easter, tutored by top pickers from the USA, and a long weekend in October with local tutors. Both courses give a great grounding in bluegrass, old-time and much more, and are great fun for instrumentalists and singers at all levels.
  • Bluegrass College: fabulous online tuition site, staffed by the best US pickers.

Bands (in no particular order)

Festivals, Clubs, etc.